FOOD REVIEW - The Golden Fleece.

"The Golden Fleece, Melbourne."
Located in Melbourne.
We love our food & restaurants, so we took a trip to Melbourne & tried out The Golden Fleece for lunch.
Little vibe here, as you can probably see from the photo, this place has Santorini vibes.
It's pretty cool to be honest.
For the food, we kept it real simple for this one.
We ordered The Margherita Pizza
& again, The Gnocchi.
They were good.
If you read my blogs, you can probably tell I like my Gnocchi.
Although after our last food review,
I naturally just have massively high standards for Gnocchi now.
The Gnocchi.
It was okay.
It was exceptional I'll say that, it did have some graininess to it, but it tasted okay.
The Margherita Pizza.
Was also exceptional, more so just as good as a Margherita Pizza can be. 
I can't say too much, as we ordered two fairly basic meals, but they were good, and I'd recommend this place to anyone.
My Overall Rating.
I'd give this place a 2.5/5

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