FOOD REVIEW - Osteria a' Mano.

"Osteria a' Mano"
Located in another beautiful place of the world, Wyong. lol
The google reviews on this place were around 4.5/5 so I had high expectations.
& to be honest - this place definitely met that.
It's also in another very convenient spot, right across the road from Wyong Train Station.
For Éntree's & Main meals for 2 it was around $100.
Just my opinion, The Éntree's may be a bit pricey.
Depending if you give a shit on the price or not.
But this place was great, the Mains 100% beat the Éntree's.
For the Éntree we ordered The Affettati Misti (Mixed Board of Cured Meats) for 2 at $30
& The Bruschetta for $15.
I'd say these are at your regular Éntree level.
For the Main Meals.
We ordered The Gnocchi al Gorgonzola Cheese for $23 & The Penne Amatriciana for $25
The Penne was great I have nothing bad to say about it at all, I'd recommend it if your feeling like Pasta.
But wow the meal that takes the cake is The Gnocchi.
This is hands down the BEST Gnocchi I have ever had.
I haven't been to Italy or Paris or any place like that but damn this Gnocchi was soooooo good.
It deadset literally melts in your mouth.
5/5 for the Gnocchi & 100% recommend it if you ever eat at this place
& I will definitely be going back just for the Gnocchi ahaha.
We finished up there.
I 100% recommend this place especially if you like your Italian - One down side is that there is no Pizza's on the menu.
But overall a great feed and I walked out very satisfied.
Overall Rating

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