Environment, Desires & How we relate to Plants.

Environment, Desires & How we relate to Plants.

Sounds weird but let me explain lol

In my opinion our environment is literally so important for our life, the way we live, our home, our work, pretty much anywhere we spend most of our time. It plays a big part in how we feel daily.

Currently i'm a Greenkeeper by trade.. Working everyday with turf, plants etc, you name it anything to do with grass i've probably done.

One thing i know for sure is that plants & grass, they are living, they need the correct nutrients, they need a healthy diet, the correct amount of food, a healthy amount of water & they need to be in a healthy environment to blossom in to the best version of themselves that they can be, If you've caught on, SO DO WE.

Long story short. 

Plants need to be in a healthy environment to blossom in to the best version of itself & same goes for us. 

You probably know that being in a toxic environment can be unhealthy for you, physically & mentally, but unfortunately thats just the way life goes in my opinion & sometimes it's hard to be in control of things, but life isn't going to be perfect all the time. Although if you have a positive mind, good choice. Think about it, if life was to be literally perfect, it would be pretty shit. Face it, if you got everything you wanted whenever you wanted, you'd get bored of it, you'd have no purpose..

But one thing you do have is a lot of choices, staying grateful is a choice & if your unhappy you have a choice to make a change, the way you react to things is a choice too. If something annoys you, consciously react in a more positive way, don't waste your energy dwelling on stupid shit that has no purpose.

Although making a change may not make you instantly happy, it's your first step towards being happy & having the lifestyle you've always wanted. Slow & steady wins the race, baby steps. We only have one life, just DO YOU. it's your life & no one is stopping you but yourself. The world is your oyster, literally, & If you make a mistake, learn from it! Everyone makes mistakes.

I believe you can do literally anything with your life, you just need to put in the work to make it happen. But for that to happen, in my opinion it's best you be in a healthy environment, surrounded by people that make you happy, surrounded by people with the same goals as you, that work harder than you, that create good vibes, because someones vibe is literally contagious. Hence why you don't want to be living in an unhealthy environment. A healthy environment just sounds so good.

I've learnt that as humans we always desire more. Thats why having gratitude is so important in my opinion, it keeps you neutral & if you aren't neutral the universe will find a way to bring you back anyway. Thats just my perspective! 

Say you hit a PB in the gym, how fkn good does that feel, you literally just hit a goal you've been working on for a little bit & after that set whats your next thought? You want to go up an extra few kg's or run that little bit faster & hit another PB! We are literally never satisfied.

As i said in my last blog, in my opinion the key to happiness is self love & gratitude. They're both choices.

In conclusion, the moral of the story is that being in a healthy environment will be handy to help you make healthy choices, being happy and being the best version of yourself that there can possibly be.

Go and find what makes you love yourself & what little things make you happy, chase them, be aware of them, learn more about yourself & stay grateful always. 

Much love,

Jesse. <3


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