Growth, Change & Happiness.

I've always liked giving my perspective on life & personal growth. 

I've never really known where or how to post it, usually whatever I write is to long for an Insta caption, story or Facebook status etc. But now I think I've found the right place, through my website. 

If you're still reading, thankyou, I'm grateful for you.. :-) 


I've learnt not to make decisions based on how I feel at the click of a finger.

Tough times, they're inevitable, hurdles in life are inevitable & life is never going to be perfect otherwise it'd just be boring.

Tough times are going to happen, but I hope you know, they do not last.

Making a decision at the click of a finger when i'm not feeling my best, isn't really the correct way to go about things, that's just my opinion.

One bad day isn't a bad life. Im not going to go quit my job after one bad day, or one bad week.

Say I just quit my job after a tough week, what job am I left with? Or you get angry at a loved one, 20 minutes later you feel bad. Was it all worth it? 

Be grateful for what you have, & stay positive.

I hope you get my point.

BUT, if you feel as though your in a toxic lifestyle, job, relationship etc, week after week, month after month & it is unhealthy for your mental & physical health, well its simple.. MAKE THE CHANGE.

I see people complain & play victim often through a status or story, or just through conversation dwelling on their life, & the early start they "have" to do for their job. if you don't like what you do, find something better, it's that simple. It's your life, do whatever the hell you want with it, you make the choices. Who cares what anyone thinks? What does someone else's opinion matter and what makes it more important than your happiness? 

Do what's best for you.

Step out of your comfort zone, learn to spend time by yourself, I promise you'll grow like crazy, you will learn a hell of a lot & realise things you didn't even know about yourself.

Shifting your focus & energy to yourself, you find things that make you happy, you will literally fall in love with yourself & in my opinion the key to happiness is self love & gratitude. 

Don't be scared to do the little things that make you happy. Find what makes you happy, what makes your days brighter, and go do it. If you feel good, you'll think good thoughts & from that you will make positive actions towards things, then good things tend to happen. Your energy will rise, your frequency will be high, & you will attract good things without even trying.
Don't chase things that won't benefit you, I think its a waste of energy. Use your energy on yourself, and let it attract good things into your life.

The universe is capable of some serious shit.

For example - You've learnt that you love watching sunsets on your own, one afternoon you decide to go & watch one. Another person, using their energy to do the exact same thing, goes to watch that exact sunset at the exact same place, you bump into each other, have a nice conversation & go home now as friends.
From my perspective, that is the universe doing its thing, no i'm not saying you're going to meet the love of your life at a sunset, what i'm saying is this is how I believe the universe works. You attract the energy you give, it's contagious.

Whatever happens, I hope you know it's meant to be, everything happens for a reason, focus on yourself, be good & have trust in the universe.

The hurdles you go through, they help you grow.

The mistakes you make, you learn from them. 

Flowers, they can't blossom in toxic conditions, same goes for you.

& Tough times, they do not last.


I hope this makes sense & I hope you know this is just my perspective on being happy, growing as a person & using your energy to attract good things into your life.

At the end of the day you don’t have to take in a single word I just wrote & you could be thinking wtf is this bloke talking about, but writing this makes me happy, so what does any one else's opinion matter?

If you're still reading ily.

Thankyou Jesse xx

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  • Wise words!! X

    Ashley on
  • This is awesome! Keep it up

    Liam on
  • Love this shit Broski! 🔥

    Corey Hughes on

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