Comethazine - Comethazine The Album // ALBUM REVIEW.

I'll get straight to my rating for this Album. 5/10. 

Personally I fkn rate Comethazine he's one of my favourite artists, his production is always grouse, hectic beats always. I think he's low-key slept on because 60% of his songs go fkn hard. 

This album in my opinion started well, but one thing I notice a lot with his albums is there's no features. I started at 7/10 by the end I decided on 5/10.

With more features on albums, I think he'd definitely be a lot more known & maybe even a better artist as he could of learnt from them. With no features on this album I feel as though it is bit saturated with the same sort of sounds. With saying it all sounds fairly similar, It’s great, but as said I'd like to see a few features, as in my opinion it would add a more refreshing vibe to it.

Comethazine's last few albums are also very similar although in “Bawskee 4” his track “We Gone Win” is more of a singing type, I actually like it & “Jumpman 4’s" is different aswell, it’s refreshing in the album but in “CTA” i feel like it starts off well, but by the end you may get a bit over it. 

By the way, my favourite albums of his are "Pandemic" & “BAWSKEE 3.5” go listen to them, bruhhh the production and beatssss sheeeeesh, skips on that are rare af & a few tracks are still in my rotation, especially "Air Max" & "Still A OG".

Although I gave this a 5/10, Comethazine still goes hard af. I'll give you my Top 5 songs off this album.


5. Six Flags

4. Hallla

3. Balls To The Wall

2. 4 Deep

1. Spin Back 


Any recommendations let me know. 

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