Top Three Go-to McDonalds Desserts.

Top Three Go-to Maccas Desserts.
Man I've got a MASSIVE sweet tooth, I track my calories daily & ALWAYS make sure I have enough for dessert, and McDonalds is hands down one of my goto's.
If its not that its "Peters Light & Creamy" bro, the calories in that are low as fuck & also add a 90 calorie brownie heated up in the microwave.
Bruhhh so good.
I'm no PT but deadset tracking your calories daily is a game changer. 
You can literally eat desserts and treats GUILT FREE, and put together your own stuff.
Shout out @roar_pt on instagram, he introduced me to tracking calories.
You can chop, change & add things at Maccas and over time I've put some things together, they're common and these are no out of this planet desserts where I put a million things into one, they're just my favourite desserts from Maccas.
But anyway these are 100% my three goto desserts when heading too McDonalds.
3. Hot cakes with Syrup, a Fruit Bag, & Soft Serve (Mix Together)
2. Apple Pie with a Caramel Sundae. (Mix Together) 
1. Oreo Mcflurry, & Add Caramel Sauce. 
If you haven't, try them all.
No. 3 bruhhh
No. 2 bruhhhh
No.1 bruhhhh
Deadset they're all so good.
No. 2 & 3 buy separately and mix them all together.
No.1 ask straight from the counter, they'll do it for you.
If you have any recommendations please let me know, I want to try more shit.
Appreciate you guys.

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