Shely210 - Stack or Starve // ALBUM REVIEW.

Shely210 - Stack or Starve.
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On Friday the 4th of March Shely210 released his EP "Stack or Starve".
8 songs - 5 features. 
This is my first Aus Rap Rating & Review,
and I wouldn't want it any other way, Shely has been in my rotation since "Taking The Piss" released back in May 2020 & in my opinion is arguably his best track to date & one of the best from the Aus Rap scene.
After this EP there is 1000000% songs that will be competing for his top track, this is full of bangers, I was impressed, Shely exceeded my expectations with this one. 
As always with an track list full of bangers,
a few tracks from here will be added to our Runners Club Playlist.
Shely210 is on the come up.
With only 8 tracks on this one, i'll only be doing a top 3 for this one.
Heres my Top 3.
3. Brick by Brick - 2:43
2. Beez Knees - 3:44 (feat. KAHUKX)
1. Cheese & Cheddar - 2:31
My Overall Rating.
Lastly I have to mention KAHUKX' bar in "Beez Knees" 
{I just wanna Feed My Table,
Its a Southside Summer,
You know what's Cooking,
From the city right down to The Woods,
Read The T's & C's, So Look At Me Now}
If your a Shely210 fan,
you know those bars are the title's from 75% of Shely's Top Tracks on Spotify. 
I think that's a pretty fkn sick bar.
Appreciate you guys. 
As always, thankyou for your support.

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