Dreamville - D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape // ALBUM REVIEW.

"D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape"
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On March 31 Dreamville released their new Mixtape "D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape."
If you're not aware of who Dreamville is, let me explain. 
Dreamville Records is an American record label founded by American rapper J. Cole and his manager Ibrahim Hamad. The label is currently distributed through Interscope Records, a unit of Universal Music Group.
The roster includes Bas, Ari Lennox, Cozz, Omen, Lute, JID, EarthGang, and Cole himself.
The roster is full of genuine Rappers. 
You won't really be getting Melodic Rap, or Soundcloud Rap, just straight rap.
JID, Cole, Lute, Bas, 2 Chainz, A$AP Ferg, Young Nudy are on all on this mixtape.
If you don't know JID get to know him, this guy can rap.
His verse on "Barry From Simpson" is fire.
He can literally ride over any beat with comfort. 
Another banger is  "LifeStyle" with Bas & A$AP Ferg
Both these artist sound so well together on this song and complement each other nicely, this is one of my favourites. 
Bas can seriously rap as well, he flows over this beat so fkn nicely wow, so does Ferg actually.
I also love the refreshing feel to the mixtape of Ari Lennox.
As I always say anything with over 10 songs needs something refreshing whether its a feature, or a different melody & flow, just something different, and she definitely adds that & I genuinely like her 2 songs on this mixtape.
Here's my Top 5 from this Mixtape.
5. Everybody Ain't Shit (with EARTHGANG) - 3:23
4. Heathens EP (with J. Cole) - 2:57
3. Coming Down (with Ari Lennox) - 2:36
2. Barry From Simpson (with JID feat. 2 Chainz & Young Nudy) - 3:17
1. Lifestyle (with Bas feat. A$AP Ferg) - 2:46

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