FOOD REVIEW - Zephyr Sky Bar & The Island Sydney.

Halloween weekend away = good times, some good food & some ehhhhhh food. 
Lets start with the good food baby.
Whata vibeeee man, Uber in is recommended.
Up the elevator & walk into the restaurant with a mad sunset view of the city, already good vibes. 
We got a platter to share & the 3 beef sliders. (disclaimer - they only do small meals, no full on main meals like steaks and all that) hence why its a bar. 
But man were both of them good, the platter was like a meat platter with like prosciutto, salami, ham, bread & cheese.
Goes down real well with the cocktail bowl we got which was also grouse, went down so well, I can't remember exactly which one we got lol but it was either the
"Zephyr Red Sangria or Zephyr White Sangria." It comes in a punch bowl and serves 5 but we probably got like 4 or 5 drinks each out of it.
Anyway platter was grouse and the beef sliders were fkn grouse too they were gone in seconds.
I recommend this place for sure, I would probably say its the perfect spot for pre's before you hit the city. 
I give it 4 because I wanted the waiter but they were no where to be found as I wanted to order dessert, but I ended up losing patience and left.
The service could be better.
Lets get straight to the ratings.
I don't know if its just me, but personally I didn't really enjoy this one, firstly you wait for a water taxi and then its a 10 minute boat ride with 50 other people to the venue.
Look the drinks were okay, we paid prior to the arvo and got an unlimited amount of 1 certain drink, not sure what it was but it went down easy.
But it was windy and the food was, lets just say id prefer a cheeseburger meal where its all been sitting there for at least 20 minutes and the fries are cold and like rubber lol
I also couldn't wait to get fkn home to bed.
Worst thing is once you're on there, the next 3 hours you're stranded on it.
Personally just wasn't my cup of tee 
Enough said.
One last thing, we went on
" THE GLASS ISLAND " for Halloween, that was grouse I recommend it, yes its another boat but this has an indoor deck so if you're cold you can kick back in there, I definetley recommend it.
Good party vibes.
 Also we stayed at this mad AIRBNB which was perfect for the weekend, right in the city and it was cheap, if you want to know what it was leave a comment below and I may give it a review. 

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