FOOD REVIEW - The Bon Pavillion.

The Bon Pavillion
Located in the beautiful Gosford.
To be honest I didn't really know what to expect, I've heard good things about this place, but you know, its across the road from Gosford train station, If you know, you know lol.
 Although you could definitely say that's a very convenient spot. 
Anyway, went for dinner ended up leaving a 3 course meal deep.
To say the least this place exceeded my expectations.
 We got the "Antipasti Plate" for $20.
Look I was happy with it, nice, fresh, warm bread with some fresh meats aka salami, proscuitto, some cheese & relish.
Great Éntree.
I got the "Wagyu Beef Burger" 
for $21 with a side of Fries and Tomatoes Sauce.
for $21 i'd say it is definitely worth it, this burger was heaps good, especially the patty, it was fresh mince cooked nicely as well.
If you're feeling like a burger, I don't think this one would let you down to be honest.
Also had a little try of the "Half Roast Chicken" that was very good also. 
Now for the most important meal of them all.
I decided to give the "Lemon Meringue Tart" a crack for $15.
Look I really liked this probably would have preferred some Ice cream on the side,  you get cream and strawberries, but Ice cream's just me. 
This was bloody good, not gonna lie. 
if you feel like some sort of tart, get this.
If you want unlimited tap water, it costs $5 they don't tell you about the price, they just ask if you want "still" or "sparkling" water, not sure about that one..
This place was great, I'd probably go back and give it another crack if I'm honest.

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