FOOD REVIEW - Chin Chin Sydney.

"Chin Chin"
This place, I highly recommend.
honestly suchhh good food.
Here's what we got and the ratings. 
Beef Massaman.
For starters, this comes with rice - you don't even have to order it separately, how good!
The rice also serves enough for 2.
Bonus points for that one.
But honestly one of the best massamans I've had, the beef comes in big chunks & just falls apart.
Soooo good. 
I rate this 4/5, it's honestly great but I think there is more potential out there, so I just can't give it a 5/5 at the moment.
Chicken Pad See Ew.
For starters, the noodles are different, they don't even look like noodles, but damn they're bloody better then the normal noodles, you'll understand what I mean if you goto chin chin and order this. 
I do not think this dish will let you down.
Tastes great.. I definitely recommend, I rate this 4/5 also.
Strawberry Cheesecake.
note: this may not be the real name of the cheesecake - I forget what its called but its along these lines.
But look, this is also a 4/5. Enough said.
Also enough to share for 2 as well.
Try this one for sure!
Although we did get this twice, the first time was definitely 4/5. 
2nd time I'd have to give it a 3/5.
but it was still great.
I personally think it's cost friendly also, definitely is not over priced. 
if you're looking for a place to try in Sydney, this is it.
Be sure to make a reservation, this is a packed house always.
Although it was a bit inconsistent with the cheesecake, I'd give this place an overall 4/5.
I strongly recommend trying this place.

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